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Garage Door Repair Springfield Va

Is your garage door making noise when you open and close it? It may be time to get a garage door repair Springfield VA service. Usually, a noisy garage door indicates it needs maintenance or even replacement of parts. If you ignore it, the next thing is you’ll be paying for its replacement. Call for (571) 447-9835 on the first sign of garage door problems.  

There are many simple solutions you can do to fix minor problems with your garage door. For example, if the wall switch is working but the remote isn’t, maybe you just need to change the batteries of the remote. But for bigger problems—like a sagging door or a technical issues—it’s better to contact a professional for garage door repair specialist in Springfield VA.
You should call a technician right away when you detect signs of a serious problem. Is that door not closing all the way? Does it reverse immediately when it hits the floor or even before that? Do you notice that the motor won’t stop running even if the door is already opened or closed? For all these issues, it is best that you call a technician. Trying to repair a garage door yourself can be very complicated—and not to mention dangerous. To avoid injury and to save both time and money, contact Anchor Garage Door Services.
Anchor Garage Door Services has been in the garage door repair business in Springfield VA for years. Aside from repairing your garage door, we can also install a new one, replace your old one, or repair your current one. For all your garage door needs, just call us at (571) 447-9835. We are even available for 24/7 emergencies. To get a free estimate on your garage door, fill up the form here on our website.

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